Meet Briana

Nutrition and Wellness Coach 

I am a former Paralegal who worked in the field for 2 years. During the mist of me being a Paralegal, I got sick with gastritis, which is inflammation of the stomach, and acid reflux disease. I did not act the best when it came to food and exercise. I loved greasy, fatty, processed foods. Not only did I consume these foods daily, but I consumed enormous amounts of these foods at a time. I also did not include physical activity in my daily schedule at all. I was once known as a "couch potato". I got joy out of laying on the couch or in the bed watching television after I finished all of the tasks that needed to be done. When I was diagnosed with these illnesses, the medications that the doctors and nurses prescribed to me did not help at all. It actually seemed like things were getting worse. It was then that I wondered how much affect will it have if I changed my eating habits and add more physical activity into my schedule. This was not an easy task, but it was doable. I already knew that this was not an "overnight thing", so I took things one step at a time. Before I knew it, I started to feel better; even better than before I got sick. It was then I realized that food actually can be used as medicine and physical activity can improve your body and improve your mental state of mind. 

I became overly stressed in my career as a Paralegal until I eventually left. I lost the passion for Paralegal and gained a passion for healthy eating and healthy living. I pursued an education in Health and Wellness and now I help to guide individuals to reach their health and wellness goals.