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Meet Briana

Nutrition and Wellness Coach

Hello! I am very excited that you found your way to my kitchen! My name is Briana Gilchrist. I am a Nutrition and Wellness Coach who is dedicated to helping you achieve a happier and healthier lifestyle without any restrictions. We do not do quick fixes here. I will help you create healthy habits while you still get to enjoy those "comfort foods" that you love so much. Many times we get so caught up in trying to achieve that "flat tummy" in 60 days that we forget to enjoy the process and actually embrace the lifestyle. Well I am here to help with that. I look forward to working with you!


What I Specialize In

Recharge Your Life

Establish Eating Habits

Adopt a Healthy Lifestyle

Create Healthy Habits

Create Hunger Smashing Recipes

 Healthy Fruit Salad

It's Time to Take Back Control of your Health and your Life


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