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My name is Briana Mckoy-Gilchrist. I am the Founder and CEO of B.R.E.A.T.H.E. I am a Certified Health and Wellness coach. As I've adapted to the health and fitness world, I notice that there are several of individuals who lack motivation, feel attacked for wanting to live a healthy lifestyle, or feel as if they do not get the support that they deserve. I decided to create a comfort zone for those individuals to give them guidance, support, and motivation. Motivation and positivity are desperately needed in the community, especially in the Health and Fitness community, and I am doing my part to make sure to make sure that this gets put back into the community.

Mindset is key. Without a positive mind, there is not positive body and spirit..

                       - Briana

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We are a company that is built on positivity and motivation. We provide support to individuals who are struggling to reach their Health and Fitness. We work together to change the mindset of those individuals and enhance their energy levels through one-on-one meetings, group meetings, courses, and fun workouts that will allow them to challenge their capabilities. There are no limitations as to who can join this community. Men, women, teenagers, and kids are welcomed to join. Even if individuals are not struggling with their goals, they are still welcomed to join. We can always use inspiration. Free registration is available.

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Your membership gives you access to Zoom meetings, one-on-one help, access to join fun workout competitions, fundraisers, access to my podcast, access to Health Coach Services if needed, and 10% discounts on courses and apparel. You will receive a discount code when you purchase your items or services. You will be added to our email list and we will update you on events with our community.




Motivation is the key to reaching your goal. We are here for you to communicate and work with if you feel that you are lacking motivation or if you are not sure where to start. In this community the number 1 thing that you will be provided with is full support with no judgement.

Are you in need of one on one Health Coaching services to better fit your health needs and goals? Book a free consultation with me today via email to discuss your goals, what I can offer, and package prices.

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                                        Company Policy

Members are allowed to terminate his or her membership at anytime with no costs or fees. This company is built on positivity and motivation. Any negative content that is displayed to the public about any member will result in an automatic termination of membersship. We do not discriminate towards any individual who wishes to join our community nor do we reject members based on; race, color, ethnicity, language, sex, age, sexual orientation, nor disability.

No Resale: Our goods and services are not to be resold and is purchased for the use of your account and investment only.